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The baptism teams offer considerable help and guidance to people who request baptism for their children.  During the process, parents and godparents are reminded of the responsibilities they are undertaking as they initiate the faith journey of their children.  They are also offered information and direction regarding Catholic practices and beliefs.


Presently, Baptism preparation meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month.  This meeting is a mandatory part of the preparation for the sacrament of Baptism.  Included in these sessions are the theologies of Baptism, the nature of the commitment, the sharing of faith experiences, and the details of the celebration.

The Baptism Team

The members of the baptism team are present on the day of your child's Baptism.  Baptisms at Church of Our Lady take place at 1:00pm, on the second and fourth Sundays of each month.  During the sacrament, the team members provide assistance to the celebrant, families, and relatives.  Team members also represent the parish community into which the newly Baptised are welcomed.

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