Ah Summer!

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, June 25, 2017 - 2:15pm


            A few days of slowing down, hiding the watch and leaving a wide stretch of time unplanned can do wonders for our perspective. After a while, we begin to notice new things around us and give quiet thanks for rediscovered joys which come to meet us like old forgotten friends. Our frantic and harried world slowly falls away and another far more enduring one emerges to take its place. Books that we never ordinarily take time to read are given whole afternoons and sometimes read by candlelight. Those many urgent chores suddenly seem irrelevant. Rewards are no longer measured by the importance of popularity of the place we’ve visited. In fact, the secret place is even better. For it is there where we are most likely to remember being reborn for a time and finding a reverence for the wonderful gift of living. Knowing that we were privileged to witness a particular sunrise, both unique and timeless is to begin to understand the meaning of our own lives. If we have let the spirit of summer capture us we will find ourselves returning home with a quieter mind and a livelier spirit. We might begin to think of all we packed and never used and all we used but never needed and decide that next year we will travel lighter. With God’s help we will apply that wisdom to our lives as well.