Catholic Education Week "Walking Forward Together"

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, April 30, 2017 - 11:30am

            This week we celebrate Catholic Education Week. No one pretends that there are not flaws in our Catholic schools but their particular approach to education does offer something distinctive, not only to our church, but to our society as well. It helps us to understand our own faith and how we seek to live it. Catholic schools tell young people that they are worthwhile because they are from God and their life journey is to return to God. In this world Catholic schools keep repeating, in all kinds of ways, that truth and goodness are more important than what is cool today. A keystone of Catholic education is that everyone of us is equal because we are created equal by a loving God. We promote the fact that life itself is an unmerited gift, to which we are entrusted but do not own, and therefore we must cherish life and protect it.

            The Catholic school aims to create small Christian communities which are meant to mirror the values of home and church. Amidst all of the many voices and messages with which young people are bombarded – amidst all they learn from social media and watch on television and their music – amidst all these voices they need a word and a voice that assures them stability. They need some clear and uncompromising sense of identity which only community can offer. For all of their life they will hopefully learn to listen to God, to hear the whisper of the Spirit and the gentle urging of Jesus Christ. May our schools continue to speak the words of Gospel values to enrich the lives of the young. As we WALK FORWARD TOGETHER, may we offer our prayerful support for all involved in the education of our Catholic youth.