Celebrating Funerals

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 3:15pm

It is our tradition to celebrate the Funeral Liturgy for Catholics in the church. It is our custom to celebrate the Funeral Mass in the church with the body present. When it is not possible to have the body present the cremated remains may be brought to the church for Mass. Sometimes family members who are not practicing their faith or perhaps are not of the Catholic faith, feel uncomfortable celebrating a Funeral Mass in the church on behalf of the deceased. In such circumstances it may be appropriate to celebrate a Liturgy of the Word (without Holy Communion) in the church. The Mass is the greatest gift we can offer to our deceased loved ones and it also benefits the living who mourn the death of a loved one. We are also blessed to have a Catholic Cemetery in Guelph where Mass is offered twice a year for all our deceased loved ones. We encourage practicing Catholics to make your personal wishes known to your family members and to those who will be responsible for making your funeral arrangements. Perhaps you might include these wishes in your will or pre-arrange your own funeral plans. The church reminds us to pray for all our deceased loved ones at every Eucharist and in our personal daily prayers.