Feast of St. Joseph: A Father's Prayer

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 2:30pm

            St. Joseph, head of the Holy Family, grant me the spiritual gifts I need to fulfill my role as father of the family entrusted to me by God. With the help of my wife may I discharge the God-given responsibilities with devotion and respect, with faith and charity. Following your example may I bring to my daily tasks the care and respect that will really make it a collaboration to God’s work and true service to others. In spite of social conditions and spells of sickness, may I earn enough to supply my family with food, lodging, clothing and education, in the joy of a heart safe from distress. Teach me the true virtues of a husband and Christian educator. As you went to great pains to feed and educate Jesus, the child of God entrusted to your care, grant that I may bring up my children with love and fairness, with intelligence and tact that I may pray with them and explain to them their obligations as Christians; may I stay calm and patient when they fail or err; without fear of admonishing and correcting them when I must. May I give to each one, according to his or her character and personality, the necessary incentives with special attention and affection. May I not be too often absent from home since my wife and children require my presence. Saint Joseph, grant that I may always live as a true Christian and observe the fidelity, the love and devotion I owe to my wife and children, since I have received from God the difficult and wonderful mission of leading them all to His Kingdom. AMEN.






Tuesday and Thursday-12:10p.m.

Friday: 7p.m. Stations of the Cross followed by Mass