Lent 2017

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, March 5, 2017 - 3:15pm

            On the airplanes there is a safety device usually referred to as a “Stall Warning Indicator.” The indicator is there to help the pilot avoid problems. In a light plane, if you get below a certain speed you will fall right out of the sky. On any particular plane the stall speed is 55 miles per hour. When you drop to 60 miles an hour you begin hearing a buzzer as the Stall Warning Indicator comes into play. When the buzzer begins to squawk and the corresponding red light begins to flash, you know you are close to losing control. The Stall Warning Indicator is a built-in device to help you avoid tragedy. For the Christian community the season of Lent is like a Stall Warning Indicator. It is here to help us avoid trouble in our life. In Biblical language, it is a season of repentance. A time in which to heed the warning that since we are all sinners to one degree or another, we are always subject to the dangers of our life getting out of control; a time to check the progress of our journey to heaven; a time to take stock of anything in our life that is stalling our efforts to follow Jesus.

What to give up for Lent? – fast from anger and hatred – be more patient and understanding – fast from judging others – think kind thoughts – fast from discouragement – be full of hope – fast from complaining – focus on gratitude – fast from resentment or bitterness – turn to forgiveness.






Tuesday and Thursday-12:10p.m.

Friday: 7p.m. Stations of the Cross followed by Mass