November: A Month To Remember

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, October 30, 2016 - 2:30pm


          This Tuesday we celebrate the wonderful Feast of All Saints remembering  those who are living in eternal presence with God. On Wednesday, All Souls Day, we pray for all those waiting to enter the eternal presence of God. During the month of November we will have our Memorial Book placed in the seasonal shrine for you to write the names of your deceased loved ones who will be remembered at daily Mass. Remembrance Day November 11th is a time to show respect and gratitude for those who sacrificed their lives fighting for peace and the right of freedom for our country and others.

          We are very fortunate to have Marymount Catholic Cemetery in Guelph. The final expression of our faith as Catholics is to be buried in sacred ground. It is an opportunity to rest among fellow believers, awaiting the Resurrection to Life everlasting in union with God. The reverence and devotion bestowed upon the body of the departed Christian is a witness to our belief in Resurrected Life. Catholic cemeteries assure loving and respectful care and Marymount Cemetery offers a place of prayer and peace for families and friends to express their spiritual remembrance of our deceased loved ones. As it says in the Book of Macabees, “It is a good and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.”

          Join with Bishop Ustrzycki next Saturday morning at 11a.m. for our All Souls Memorial Mass in the Mausoleum.